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Bicycle Rider Back
Bicycle Starter Packs

The Bicycle Starter Pack is ideal for starting with card magic. It contains all equipment you need for a jump start.

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The packs for starters!
Bicycle Rider Back 12-Pack
Bicycle Training Packs

Do you want to train card magic? The Training Packs are the ideal choice. Durable quality playing cards which are used by many card magicians.

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The packs to train!
Bicycle Rider Back 12-Pack
Bicycle 12 Pack Box

The Bicycle 12 Pack is one Bicycle brick. 6 red and 6 blue decks in a beautiful box. Best price and perfect for practicing.

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€ 45,40 € 29,95

Bicycle Rider Back 12-Pack
Ellusionist 4 Pack

Four beautiful Ellusionist decks with discount.

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€ 31,80 € 29,95

Rider back megaset

12 decks in de prachtigste kleuren

 We proudly present this amazing set of Rider back decks. This set will allow you to buy 12 decks, all in different colours, at a huge discount. That's not all; the set will be shipped in a Black collector box to store your decks in style. This set includes 11 Rider back decks, plus Bicycle Silver to fill up the box. This set costs € 25,- less than if you were to purchase the components separately. Colour-up your collection!

12 decks + collector box for only

Best Choice
Red Monarchs
€ 12.95
Based on 2 reviews.
Tally-Ho Fan Back 12-pack
€ 35.40 € 29.95
€ 7.95
LUXX Elliptica
€ 12.50
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Do you want the best Bicycle playing cards?

Playing cards already exist for a long time. Bicycle playing cards are professionaly produced since 1867. This is awesome, because playing cards bring cosiness and fun. It is amazing what only 52 cards can do.

We are a promonent advocate for cosiness and fun. Not only the playing card games, but mainly card magic can bring joy, fun and astonishment. We believe our playing cards can do all this.

Do you want to enjoy qualitative and beautiful cards? Order them now!